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It is recommended for use in the following conditions:

The importance of water for our health and the benefits of DETOX
Acute intestinal infections
Acute intestinal infections

Geological section of a mineral water well

Impact on the human body

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Ca2+ Calcium
Calcium (Ca2+)
<50 mg/l
contributes to the effectiveness of muscles, the growth of bone tissue and the maintenance of bones, promotes healthy sleep, improves mood.
Mg2+ Magnesium
Magnesium (Mg2+)
<50 mg/l
prevents stress and insomnia, helps overcome depression, relaxes muscles, normalizes the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, and helps strengthen bones and teeth.
Na+K+ Sodium and Potassium
Sodium and Potassium (Na+K+)
1100-2000 mg/l
Sodium (Na*) strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous systems, regulates the excretion system, maintains the acid-alkaline balance, and stimulates digestion.
Potassium (K*) prevents dehydration, regulates water-salt balance, maintains acid-alkaline balance.
Бутилка DETOX
Cl- Chloride ions
Chloride ions (Cl-)
1400-2200 mg/l
maintain osmotic pressure in cells, acid-base balance and are an important component of gastric juice, stimulate bile secretion, pancreatic secretion, and kidney excretory function.
HCO3- Hydrocarbonates
Hydrocarbonates (HCO3-)
300-450 mg/l
regulate the acid-alkaline balance, stimulate and normalize the condition of the liver, gall bladder, biliary tract pathways, promote better absorption of iron and other microelements in the intestines and stabilize water balance, prevent dehydration.
SO42- Sulfates
Sulfates (SO42-)
200-300 mg/l
have a choleretic effect, increase metabolic processes, improve liver function.
General mineralization: 3,0‒5,0 g/l (Г/л)

Unique natural water

Natural mineral water "AQUA Myrgorod Detox" contains the optimal ratio of calcium, potassium, magnesium, necessary for conditions accompanied by dehydration and intoxication of the body due to significant physical exertion, heat, alcohol intoxication, poisoning, diarrhea, acute intestinal infections, etc.

Due to the optimally balanced composition of trace elements, "AQUA Myrgorod Detox" effectively removes toxins, restores and maintains the water-electrolyte balance, adds energy and improves the overall condition of the human body. "AQUA Myrgorod Detox" prevents dehydration, eliminates the symptoms of dehydration, facilitates digestion, normalizes diuresis.

"AQUA Myrgorod Detox" was created by nature to take care of your health, beauty and longevity.

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